What is a Virtual Assistant Anyway?


Honestly, if you asked my mom what I do for a living, she would be speechless. No matter how many times I explain it to her she just can’t grasp the concept. She is a bit old-fashioned but the funny thing is, 10 years ago I could never have imagined the possibility of assisting clients to run their businesses from the comfort of my own home.


A more technical definition would be; an independent contractor who provides professional administrative services to clients while operating from a home office and is able to access the necessary planning documents such as shared calendars and files remotely.

Virtual assistants perform many different roles, including typical executive assistant work, website editing, project management, social media and many other remote tasks. A virtual assistant can actually manage an entire office remotely.

As Defined by Wikipedia

According to Wikipedia, “A dedicated virtual assistant is someone working in the office under the management of a company. The facility and internet connection as well as training are provided by the company. The homebased virtual assistant works either in the office sharing environment or in their house. The general VA are sometimes called an online administrative assistant, online personal assistant or online sales assistant. A virtual webmaster assistant, virtual marketing assistant and virtual content writing assistant are specific professionals that are usually experienced employees from corporate environments that set up their own virtual offices.”

A Partner

A virtual assistant is not an employee but a partner. Someone who wants to see you do good and take an active part in helping you grow your business.