Our Approach

Flip Flop Boss was created in May 2018 for the purpose of assisting small business owners and entrepreneurs in the growth of their companies.

By taking over administrative projects and tasks, we give you the time you need to focus on the aspects of your business that you love – you know, the reason you started your company in the first place!

What makes us special is the personal attention and customizable services we offer. Each client is unique and has different needs. We take the time to get to know you and learn about your business to maximize the value of our assistance.


Tracey Dettmer


Original Flip Flop Boss

With over 25 years of professional experience across diverse industries, I will bring a multitude of valuable resources to work for you.  My previous experience includes operations management, marketing director positions, executive assistant roles and sales management. I am a life-long learner who thrives on new challenges. I have a passion for offering exceptional customer service to all of my clients and  give 100% effort to accomplish tasks with creativity, enthusiasm and a positive attitude (all in my flip flops, of course).

I have been married for over 25 years to my best friend, have two beautiful stepdaughters (all grown up with families of their own), two amazing kids, 5 precious grandchildren and a sweet dog named Ollie. I was born and raised in Michigan and lived there until 2009 when the company I worked for asked me to move to the Orlando area to open a new location and manage and grow their Florida operations.

I enjoy spending time at the beach, reading, riding bikes with my hubby, hanging out with friends and playing games with my family.


Meet The Team

Hi! I’m Ashlyn. Having lived in Wisconsin for much of my life, residing in Florida and working for a business called “Flip Flop Boss” is a dream come true!

After graduating college, I worked in a variety of different areas of Entertainment for the theme park industry until my husband and I decided to start a family in 2017. We now have two young children and I enjoy every minute of staying home with them, which makes the VA life perfect for me! In my free time, I love supporting the arts around Orlando, trying local restaurants, and watching Milwaukee Brewers baseball.


Hi! I’m Robin one of the Virtual Assistants on the Flip Flop Boss Team!

Robin brings an array of media skills to the team including set up and editing of podcasts, setting up courses in Kajabi from beginning to end, and editing video. As an audiophile and creative, she enjoys learning how to mix and edit various types of audio, creating graphics, and exploring other forms of media creation. She loves that being a VA allows her the flexibility to pursue her creative endeavors and passion projects.

In her spare time, she enjoys roller skating, taking care of her pet snake and fish (Shady & Scales), and honing her skills on musical instruments of all kinds.

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